Information about the guild.

Welcome to the Adventures Guild!

By solving puzzles, you will get loot and experience.

You will have a weapon that allows you to deal with puzzles much faster.

You will be able to complete quests and receive a reward.

You will have to rebuild the settlement and collect the lost mosaic piece by piece.

You can always leave the guild if you want.

Good luck!

To start Adventurers Guild you have to join the guild first.

What you can find in guild: (from up to down)[edit | edit source]

Some basic information about your character.

Some basic information about your character.


Territory (here you can upgrade buildings).


Mosaic (you can get Fragments of mosaics by solving nonograms).

Warehouse (not the building).

Warehouse (here you can see your resources).

Artifacts (some are missing).

Artifacts (you can get them by going on expeditions).

Quests. Daily quest and wanted quest are not displayed in this image.

Quests (here are your daily quests, wanted quests and 3 other quests).

Expedition (here you can go on expeditions).

Office (production in a list).

Shop (here you can buy and sell items).

Bourse (here you can exchange goods).

Cauldron (here you can throw items in and get experience and random resources).

Character (here you can change classes and learn skills).

Other (here are some statistics).

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