Alchemist's Hut

Alchemist's Hut is a building in Territory. Here you can craft Charcoal, Gunpowder, Petard and Bomb. You can also use the Cauldron when you upgrade the building to lvl. 2. Alchemist's Hut can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 5. To build Alchemist's Hut, you are required to have character lvl. 6.

Alchemist's Hut max level.png
Alchemist's Hut at max level.
Alchemist's hut lvl. 1
Resources required Ruby.png x 1
Coin.png x 140
Wood.png x 70
Stone.png x 70
Time to build 30m
Unlocks Craft: Charcoal.png
Alchemist's hut lvl. 2
Resources required Ruby.png x 2
Coin.png x 200
Wood.png x 100
Stone.png x 100
Chemicals.png x 20
Time to build 6h
Unlocks Cauldron
Alchemist's hut lvl. 3
Resources required Ruby.png x 3
Coin.png x 300
Wooden beam.png x 300
Stone.png x 150
Chemicals.png x 40
Charcoal.png x 40
Time to build 12h
Unlocks Craft: Gunpowder.png
Alchemist's hut lvl. 4
Resources required Ruby.png x 4
Coin.png x 400
Wooden beam.png x 400
Stone.png x 200
Gunpowder.png x 40
Time to build 12h
Unlocks Craft: Petard.png
Alchemist's hut lvl. 5
Resources required Ruby.png x 5
Coin.png x 500
Wooden beam.png x 440
Stone.png x 220
Gunpowder.png x 80
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Bomb.png
Alchemist's hut lvl. 6
Resources required Ruby.png x 6
Coin.png x 1000
Wooden beam.png x 800
Stone.png x 400
Chemicals.png x 200
Glass.png x 80
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Firework.png
Craft: Elixir of insight.png

To upgrade Alchemist's Hut to lvl. 6, character lvl. 32 is required.


You can reduce crafting time with skill Alchemist in Character > Skills.

Items crafted Items required Time to craft with Alchemist
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Charcoal.png x 4 Wood.png x 1 5m 4m 30s 4m 3m 30s
Gunpowder.png x 2 Charcoal.png x 2
Chemicals.png x 1
10m 9m 8m 7m
Petard.png x 1 Gunpowder.png x 1 15m 13m 30s 12m 10m 30s
Bomb.png x 1 Gunpowder.png x 2 30m 27m 24m 21m

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