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The Crossblade The Crossblade 23 June

Which item is better to watch ads for?

Which item in Bourse is better to watch ads for? Treasure map fragment lvl. 1, Coffee beans or Katana? From someone who watches a lot of ads this question is very important. While these resources are "free", you don't want to be spending them inefficiently. With the introduction of Katana as the third option the calculation became longer. The short version is at the bottom.

Firstly I needed to decide how many ads to take into account (as in how many ads do I watch). I decided to go with 35 so I have 70 Treasure map fragments lvl. 1, which can be crafted into exactly 7 Treasure maps lvl. 1 and 175 Katanas which can be thrown into the Cauldron exactly 25 times. I tried to convert everything to Coin, for a clearer picture.

  • 1 Treasure map fragment …

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The Crossblade The Crossblade 28 May

Nonograms Katana Wiki new logo and background

Welcome people of the internet to my first blog post!

When I finally figured out what picture will be shown in the background of this wiki, I started making drafts. I knew it was going to something with a katana on the right and I also wanted that number bars will be shown on the top and left side (so it feels like the website is a big nonogram). That would be what you could see of the background (if you had a wide screen), but what would be in the middle? "Nonograms Katana Wiki" text of course, but what else? Items! That would be cool. This was the draft I made in Word:

Pretty cool, huh? Now let's make a nonogram out of it. Put it in the background of the nonogram maker and go. This is where I got stuck.

Items in low resolution don't look gr…

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