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Nonograms Katana Wiki new logo and background

Welcome people of the internet to my first blog post!

When I finally figured out what picture will be shown in the background of this wiki, I started making drafts. I knew it was going to something with a katana on the right and I also wanted that number bars will be shown on the top and left side (so it feels like the website is a big nonogram). That would be what you could see of the background (if you had a wide screen), but what would be in the middle? "Nonograms Katana Wiki" text of course, but what else? Items! That would be cool. This was the draft I made in Word:

Pretty cool, huh? Now let's make a nonogram out of it. Put it in the background of the nonogram maker and go. This is where I got stuck.

Items in low resolution don't look gr…

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