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Bourse unlocks when you build the Warehouse. In the Bourse you can exchange items. The items are always the same, but there is a cycle limit (which appears in the right bottom corner of each item box). There are two cycles of 12 hours per day, which begin at 4:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT. On the right side are items you have to provide/give and on the left side there are items you receive. The amount required (or provided) for the trade is displayed below the picture of each item. There is also an area where you can buy Rubies with real money or watch ads to get Coffee beans, Treasure map fragments lvl. 1 or Katanas. Coffee beans appear after you complete you complete your first expedition.

If a resource is in red, that means that you don't have enough of that resource.

Receive Amount Give Amount Trades per cycle
Ruby.png Ruby 1 Coffee beans.png 20 x4
Treasure map fragment lvl. 1.png Treasure map fragment lvl. 1 1 Coffee beans.png 2 x6
Wood.png Wood 5 Stone.png 8 x4
Stone.png Stone 5 Wood.png 10 x4
Charcoal.png Charcoal 5 Wood.png 5 x4
Wooden beam.png Wooden beam 5 Wood.png 10 x4
Steel.png Steel 5 Iron sand.png 15 x2
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder 5 Chemicals.png 15 x2
**Wood.png Wood 3 Salmon.png 1 x5
**Stone.png Stone 2 Salmon.png 1 x5
**Coffee beans.png Coffee beans 2 Spices.png 1 x5
Paid area, watch ads
Treasure map fragment lvl. 1.png Treasure map fragment lvl. 1 2 Watch ad. resets every 30 minutes*
Coffee beans.png Coffee beans 2 Watch ad.
Katana.png Katana 5 Watch ad.
Ruby.png Ruby 5 0,89 € or $0.99
Ruby.png Ruby 15 1,79 € or $1.99
***Smugglers Map.png Shogun's Katana Chapter III 1 Coffee beans.png 100 One time purchase
***Smugglers Map.png Shogun's Katana Chapter IV 1 Spices.png 10 One time purchase
***Smugglers Map.png Shogun's Katana Chapter V 1 Pearl.png 15 One time purchase
***Gold ingot.png Gold ingot 1 Coin.png 29 x5
***Ruby.png Ruby 1 Spices.png 7 x1
***Ruby.png Ruby 1 Pearl.png 7 x1
***Ruby.png Ruby 1 Tuna.png 15 x1

*The counter starts when you click on the ad, not when you exit it (you need to exit and re-enter Bourse to see the real time of the counter). Before patch 14.2, counter was of 1 hour.

**You unlock the trades for Salmon and Spices when you complete construction of Ship lvl. 1.

***You unlock the "Smuggler" section when you complete Shogun's Katana Chapter II.

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