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Chemicals is an item, which is mainly thrown into the Cauldron unless needed for upgrading buildings.


Chemicals can be acquired by:

  • Solving nonograms (only with Geologist).
    • The exact drop rate is unknown - although the bigger and more difficult the puzzle, the more you are likely to receive it and in greater amount.
  • Building Onsen (passive income).
    • Amount:
      • Onsen lvl. 2: 1 x Chemicals.
    • Produced in:
      • 6h (Rock Garden Contemplator lvl. 0).
      • 5h 24m (Rock Garden Contemplator lvl. 1).
        • 4h 12m with Dates, Olive oil or Honey.
      • 4h 48m (Rock Garden Contemplator lvl. 2).
        • 3h 36m with Dates, Olive oil or Honey.
  • Buying them in Shop.
    • 1 x Chemicals = 2 x Coin.
      • Shop lvl. 1: maximum 10 x Chemicals per cycle.
      • Shop lvl. 2: maximum 20 x Chemicals per cycle.
      • Shop lvl. 3: maximum 20 x Chemicals per cycle.
  • Selling items in Bourse.
    • 3 x Coffee beans => 5 x Chemicals.
      • Maximum 10 x Chemicals (2 trades) per cycle.
  • Throwing items into the Cauldron.
    • Random drop rate. It also depends on the item thrown.
  • Levelling.
    • Every 12th level, beginning at lvl. 11 (e.g. levels 11, 23, 35, etc.), you are rewarded with 5 x Chemicals.


Chemicals can be used for:

Chemicals can not be sold in Shop.
Chemicals can be thrown into the Cauldron.


  • Chemicals are composed of sulfur (yellow lumps) and saltpetre (white powder), which are ingredients for making gunpowder.
  • Chemicals have "硝石" written on the bag, which is Japanese for "saltpetre".