Coffee Bonsai at max level.

Coffee Bonsai is a building in Territory. Here you can produce Coffee beans. Every 12 hours it produces some amount of Coffee beans, depending on the level of Coffee Bonsai. After 2 cycles of production, Coffee beans are not produced anymore until the already produced pieces are collected. Coffee Bonsai can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 2. To build Coffee Bonsai, you are required to have character lvl. 21.

You can reduce production time with skill Gardener in Character > Skills.

Coffee Bonsai
Level Resources required Time to build* Produced amount Time to produce*
Ruby.png Coin.png Wooden plank.png Coffee beans.png Chemicals.png Gardener (skill)
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2
1 3 500 500 120 - 48:00:00 1 x Coffee beans.png 12:00:00 10:48:00 9:36:00
2 5 800 600 240 150 48:00:00 2 x Coffee beans.png

*Times are in (hours : minutes : seconds)

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