Nonograms Katana Wiki

Here you can find pre-installed (sometimes also called "standard") colored nonograms which are made by ucdevs (where no author is specified) and by "belko61" (where author is specified). Nonograms are sorted by size. You cannot judge these nonograms like you can for user created nonograms, but you still get rewards, if you've joined the Guild first. You can find solutions for some pre-installed nonograms on this address: .

Colored Nonograms menu.

Colored Nonograms Beginner

Golden Mean Colored (18-35, Author: belko61)

Golden Mean Colored Part 2 (21-34, Author: belko61)

Colored Nonograms by belko61 Part 1 (18-55)

Colored Nonograms by belko61 Part 2 (30-75)

Colored Nonograms by belko61 Part 3 (16-80)

If you want to add solved nonograms, please follow this guide.