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Craftifacts are similar to Artifacts, but they need to be crafted. There are 5 of them. Each craftifact provides a small permanent bonus once crafted. It is unclear when the first 2 become craftable, but the last 3 become craftable when the Bridge is built.

Craftifacts we have unlocked so far.

First craftifact
Name Hotei statuette
Benefits +10% drop chance:
Coin.pngGold ingot.png
Image Hotei statuette.png
Resources required Coin.png x 200
Gold ingot.png x 200
Charcoal.png x 200
Also requires Furnace lvl. 3
Second craftifact
Name Necklace for Haruka
Benefits +25% loot on expeditions:
Coffee beans.png
Image Necklace for Haruka.png
Resources required Pearl.png x 50
Also requires Workshop lvl. 5
Third craftifact
Name Guild codex
Benefits +10% Experience
Image Guild codex.png
Resources required Paper.png x 100
Also requires Guild (building) lvl. 5
Fourth craftifact
Name Guild banner
Benefits Provides guards for
the caravan,
reducing the chance
of robbery by 12%.
Image Guild banner.png
Resources required Silk.png x 100
Also requires Tailor lvl. 2
Fifth craftifact
Name Guild supplies
Benefits Increases capacity by
50% of the original size.
Image Guild supplies.png
Resources required Tuna.png x 25
Dates.png x 50
Olive oil.png x 50
Honey.png x 50
Glass.png x 25
Also requires Food Stall lvl. 2

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