This page is meant to sum every information that is still missing on this wiki. It's more practical than looking through all the pages.


Pier was split into Ship and Pier in patch 14.2. Therefor Ship might not have the same upgrade requirements as before (Pier lvl. 1 stayed the same). - it probably is correct

  • Ship loot for successful and unsuccessful ship expeditions is not yet complete (especially for Prospection and Patrolling).
  • Expedition levelling table is uncomplete.
  • You can also add your own statistics for ship expeditions at the bottom of the page.


You can add your own statistics for rewards after completing an expedition.


This page was missing a bunch of rewards from levelling, until I decided to fill the rest from patterns I found. It is still a good idea to check if all the other levels are correct i.e. if the pattern doesn't randomly change at some point. If you have found that a level is incorrect please let the admin know and provide a screenshot.

Update Pagoda level requirements and Logistician lvl. 2.


You can add your own statistics for rewards after each throw.


If anyone has every achievement, please upload screenshots.

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