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Nonograms Katana is a logic puzzle game developed and published by ucdevs for Android and iOS. In Nonograms Katana you solve logic puzzles, also called nonograms. You can join the Guild and by solving nonograms rebuild the settlement and collect lost mosaics piece by piece. You can also play on your web browser, but web version doesn't have the Guild. You can also play on your computer via an Android emulator.

Guild (building)Gong (building)WarehouseShop#Shop (building)Alchemist's HutPagodaWorkshopSmithyCoffee BonsaiOnsenFurnaceFood StallLumber MillGardenRock GardenShipPierBridgeTailorOutpostCaravan
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Click on a building. Territory with every building upgraded to its max level.

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Mosaic (Fragment).png Mosaic (Fragment) is a fragment of a mosaic and it's not considered as an item. They drop from solved puzzles and get automatically added to the first uncompleted mosaic. They don't appear in your warehouse/inventory.

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Note: Guild is not available on iOS.


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