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Nonograms Katana is a logic puzzle game developed and published by ucdevs for Android and iOS. In Nonograms Katana you solve logic puzzles, also called nonograms. You can join the Guild and by solving nonograms rebuild the settlement and collect lost mosaics piece by piece. You can also play on your computer.

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Click on any building. Territory with every building upgraded to its max level (Version 14.3).

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Splitting of the Items page - help wanted

If you have a little time on your hands and you want to help the wiki add a page or two. It's recommended to pick a page and complete it to your capabilities.

There are 3 reasons why we are splitting the page:

  • Long page = long load time. It is also very laggy to edit.
  • Navigation (a lot of scrolling) - there is a moving TOC though.
  • With the items page split, the information about a certain item can be more detailed.

How I imaged the Items page to be:

  • Leave the table of contents of images (unfortunately it only works on desktop; mobile has a side TOC).
  • Leave the "Ways to acquire items" section.
  • Leave the "Ways to use items" section.
  • Leave the "Storage capacity" section.
  • Leave the images of items and titles.
  • Remove the storage capacities for each item.
  • Remove the acquisitions for each item.
  • Remove the uses for each item.
  • Add only the main acquisition and use for the item. Where you get the most of that item. For Ruby if would be from Bourse by selling Coffee beans (this can be very opiniated).

So every item would have only a little of text, but (probably) the most import one. There you could click on the image of that item or the title and it would take you to the page of that item. This layout is not yet set in stone and I am open to suggestions. Here is the discussion about it:

Single item's page

Each item page should be structured in the same format (e.g., Coin, Ruby, Dinar). It's recommend to use the Source Editor (pressing the 3 vertical dots beside the "Edit" button and select "Source Editor").It's also recommend to look at the source code of one of the completed pages by clicking "Source Editor" and then just click cancel. You copy the text from the Items page, going to Navigation page > Item > Expand and clicking the red link of an item, pasting the text on the page (click "Convert to wiki text" if it asks you), add the detailed information from different pages and some format. You can click "Preview" (bottom) to view your changes, or just save it.

  • First paragraph should contain a description of that item. Usually that's the description written if you tap on the item in warehouse - if it has one (Dinar: A widely recognised coin on the Silk Road).
  • After that is the infobox/template (that box on the right) - link to the documentation. There you just fill the appropriate fields. The image is another template - documentation and shortcuts. The "acquire" and "use" fields are where you get the most and spend the most of that item. The "start" is the starting storage capacity of that item - without any Warehouse or Athlete levels or anything. You can find it on the Items page. The other storage capacities will automatically be added to the infobox, if you have put the right number.
  • Acquisitions and Uses (titles/sections): here you can copy the text from the Items page and add the sub bullets with the information you can find on the pages on this wiki. Then put some links ([[name_of_that_page]]), bold ('''Bold'''), underline (<u>Underline</u>) or italic (''Italic'') on the text, so it's easier to read. Tip: you can use this cheat sheet for buildings. If there are too many sub bullets under a bullet, you will have to use <span class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"> and close it with </span> on the last sub bullet. This surprisingly works on mobile as well.
  • Below that there are two sentences about if the item can be sold in Shop or thrown into the Cauldron (you will automatically copy this from the Items page, if you copy the whole section).
  • You can also add the page into categories: [[Category:Adventurers Guild]] and [[Category:Item]].

Here is a shorten example of the Coin page:

Coin is the most basic unit of value in the game.
|imagecaption=Coin in warehouse.
|acquire=Selling items in Shop and doing daily quests.
|use=Upgrading buildings and learning skills.

Coin can be acquired by:
* '''Completing [[Expedition|expeditions]]''' (requires [[Artifacts|Turquoise skull artifact]]).
** ''[[Treasure]]: 20 x Coin.''
** ''[[Gold ingot]]: 10 x Coin.''
* '''Selling items in [[Shop]].''' <span class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
** ''[[Ruby]]: 50 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Artifact lvl. 1</u>: 50 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Artifact lvl. 2</u>: 60 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Artifact lvl. 3</u>: 60 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Artifact lvl. 4</u>: 70 x Coin.''</span>
* '''Selling items in [[Bourse]]'''
** ''10 x [[Dinar]] = 9 x Coin (Bedouin section).''
* '''[[Levelling]].'''
** ''Every level gives (level*2) x Coin.''

Coin can be used for:
* '''Upgrading (all) [[Territory|buildings]]:''' <span class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
** ''[[Guild (building)|Guild lvl. 2-5]]: 50, 150, 250 and 300 x Coin.''
** ''[[Ship|Ship lvl. 1-4]]: 500, 750, 1000 and 1000 x Coin.''
** ''[[Pier|Pier lvl. 1]]: 400 x Coin.''</span>
* '''Unlocking cities in [[Caravan]].'''
** ''<u>Xian</u>: 100 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Baghdad</u>: 120 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Cairo</u>: 140 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Athens</u>: 160 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Rome</u>: 180 x Coin.''
** ''<u>Moscow</u>: 200 x Coin.''

Coin can not be sold in [[Shop]].<br />
Coin can not be thrown into the [[Cauldron]].

[[Category:Adventurers Guild]]

If I missed anything, just ask me. The Crossblade (talk) 10:49, 30 December 2021 (UTC)

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