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Olive oil is an item, which is mainly used for speeding up production.

In-game description: Reduces production time by 20%. Consumed only during production. Duration 24:00.
Green plus in barrel.png While in a building with a production, tap on the "green plus in barrel" icon and select Olive oil from the pop-up menu.

Function: Reduces 20% of the base production time (this means that a lvl. 1 skill and Olive oil give together 10% + 20% = 30% reduction), which lasts for 24 hours. Reduction is applied immediately. After Olive oil has been used, anything set in production in these 24 hours has a reduced production time, unless Olive oil expires before the production ends. 24 hours is counted only when production is active.


Olive oil can be acquired by:

  • Completing caravan missions.
    • City: Athens (only).
    • Capacity: 1 x Olive oil per Caravan level (maximum 4 x Olive oil).
    • Cost: 40 x Dinar => 1 x Olive oil.
    • Travel time:
      • 24h (Cameleer lvl. 0).
      • 21h 36m (Cameleer lvl. 1).
        • 16h 48m with Dates, Olive oil or Honey.
      • 19h 12m (Cameleer lvl. 2).
        • 14h 24m with Dates, Olive oil or Honey.
    • Required to unlock Athens:


Olive oil can be used for:

Olive oil can not be sold in Shop.
Olive oil can not be thrown into the Cauldron.


Olive oil has "ΛΆΔΙ" written on the barrel, which is Greek for "oil".