Onsen at max level.

Onsen is a building in Territory. Onsen lvl. 1 increases rewards for daily quests. Onsen lvl. 2 produces passive income of Chemicals every 6 hours. After 4 cycles of production, Chemicals are not produced anymore until the user collects the Chemicals produced. Onsen can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 2. To build Onsen, you are required to have character lvl. 20.

Increases rewards for Puzzle of the Day quests by 2 Coins and Wanted quests by 3 Coins.

You can reduce production time of Chemicals with Rock Garden Contemplator skill in Character > Skills.

Level Resources required Time to build* Unlocks Time to produce Chemicals*
Ruby.png Coin.png Wooden plank.png Stone.png Rock Garden Contemplator (skill)
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2
1 3 500 500 400 24:00:00 Increases rewards for daily quests. - - -
2 5 800 600 500 48:00:00 Produces 1 x Chemicals.png 6:00:00 5:24:00 4:48:00

*Times are in (hours : minutes : seconds)

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