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Onsen is a building in Territory. Onsen lvl. 1 increases rewards for daily quests. Onsen lvl. 2 produces passive income of Chemicals every 6 hours. After 24 hours of production, Chemicals are not produced anymore until the already produced Chemicals are collected. Onsen can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 2. To build Onsen, you are required to have character lvl. 20.

Onsen at max level.

Info icon.png You can provide resources partially.

Onsen lvl. 1
Resources required Ruby.png x 3
Coin.png x 500
Wooden plank.png x 500
Stone.png x 400
Time to build 24h
Grants Increases rewards
for daily quests.*

*Increases rewards for Puzzle of the Day quests by 2 Coins and Wanted quests by 3 Coins.

Onsen lvl. 2
Resources required Ruby.png x 5
Coin.png x 800
Wooden plank.png x 600
Stone.png x 500
Time to build 48h
Produces Chemicals.png x 1
Produced in 6h Green plus in barrel.png 4h 48m
Rock Garden
Contemplator lvl. 1
5h 24m Green plus in barrel.png 4h 12m
Rock Garden
Contemplator lvl. 2
4h 48m Green plus in barrel.png 3h 36m

Production time can be reduced with each level of the Rock Garden Contemplator by 10% in Character > Skills or with Dates, Olive oil or Honey (only one) by 20% by clicking the Green plus in barrel.png (green plus in the barrel icon) in the top right corner in the building's menu.

The production of Chemicals is paused, when the building is being upgraded.


  • Onsen has "温泉" written on the gate, which is Japanese for "onsen".