Patch 14.0 (13. February 2021)[edit | edit source]


  • Onsen [New]
    • Level 1: Increases rewards for daily quests.
    • Level 2: Passive income of Chemicals.
      • Productivity increases with Rock Garden Contemplator skill.
  • Pier [New]
    • Level 1: Unlocks Ship.
      • The Ship can search for various resources: Coin, Treasure map fragments level 1, Fish, Iron sand, or experience.
  • Coffee Bonsai [New]
    • Level 1: Passive income for Coffee beans.
    • Level 2: Increases passive income for Coffee beans.
      • Productivity increases with Gardener skill.
  • Food Stall [New]
    • Level 1: Craft: Sushi, Ramen and Curry.
    • Level 2: Craft: Cup of Coffee.
  • Lumber Mill [Updated]
    • Level 3: Craft: Wooden planks.

New items (see Items)

  • Wooden plank (crafts in Lumber Mill level 3).
  • Ramen (crafts in Food Stall level 1).
  • Curry (crafts in Food Stall level 1).
  • Cup of coffee (crafts in Food Stall level 2).
  • Treasure map fragment level 4 and Treasure map level 4.

Quest (see Quests)

Skills (see Character)

  • Gardener skill updated to accelerate productivity of Coffee Bonsai. [Updated]
  • Rock Garden Contemplator skill updated to accelerate productivity of Onsen. [Updated]
  • Boatswain skill added (increases productivity of Ship by 10%). [New]
  • Alchemist level 3 added, functions the same as other levels. [New]


  • Added a new info box in every building. It displays what you can do with the upgraded version of that building.
  • Changed button for throwing items multiples of 7 into the Cauldron.
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