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Here are all the patch notes after this wiki was created (2.1.2021).

Patch 14.0 (13 February 2021)


  • Onsen [New]
  • Pier [New]
    • Lvl. 1: Unlocks Ship.
      • Ship can search for various resources: Coin, Treasure map fragments level 1, Fish, Iron sand, or experience.
  • Coffee Bonsai [New]
    • Lvl. 1: Passive income for Coffee beans.
    • Lvl. 2: Increases passive income for Coffee beans.
  • Food Stall [New]
    • Lvl. 1: Craft: Sushi, Ramen and Curry.
    • Lvl. 2: Craft: Cup of Coffee.
  • Lumber Mill [Updated]
    • Lvl. 3: Craft: Wooden planks.

Items (see Items)

  • Wooden plank (crafts in Lumber Mill level 3). [New]
  • Ramen (crafts in Food Stall level 1). [New]
  • Curry (crafts in Food Stall level 1). [New]
  • Cup of coffee (crafts in Food Stall level 2). [New]
  • Treasure map fragment level 4 and Treasure map level 4. [New]
  • Anchor (can be discovered on Ship expeditions) [New]
  • Salmon (can be discovered on Ship expeditions) [New]
  • Pearl (can be discovered on Ship expeditions) [New]
  • Spices (can be discovered on Ship expeditions) [New]
  • Tuna (can be discovered on Ship expeditions) [New]

Quest (see Quests)

Skills (see Character)

  • "Gardener" skill updated to accelerate productivity of Coffee Bonsai. [Updated]
  • "Rock Garden Contemplator" skill updated to accelerate productivity of Onsen. [Updated]
  • "Alchemist" lvl. 3 added, functions the same as other levels. [Updated]
  • "Boatswain" skill added (increases productivity of Ship by 10%). [New]


  • Added a new info box in every building. It displays what you can do with the upgraded version of that building. [New]
  • Changed button for throwing items multiples of 7 into the Cauldron. [Updated]
  • Added a counter on how many level 1, 2 and 3 expeditions you have gone in Other. [Updated]
  • Added a counter on how many Ship expeditions you have gone in Other. [Updated]
  • Added a section for Cooking in Other. [Updated]
  • Changed artifact's name from "Compass" to "Pirate's Compass". [Updated]
  • Changed artifact's name from "Skull" to "Turquoise Skull". [Updated]

Patch 14.1 (12 March 2021)

Buildings (see Territory)

  • Gong (building) [New]
    • Lvl. 1: Makes available: Hall of Fame, tournaments and leaderboards.
  • Pagoda [Updated]
    • Lvl. 1: Charity (donate Gold Ingots for experience).
  • Furnace [Updated]
    • Lvl. 3: Allows to produce Gold Ingots from Coins and/or Treasure.

Skills (see Character)

  • "Carpenter" skill lvl. 3 added. [Updated]
  • "Metallurgist" skill lvl. 3 added. [Updated]
  • "Mechanic" skill lvl. 3 added. [Updated]
  • "Blacksmith" skill lvl. 3 added. [Updated]


  • Reduced the cost of cooking Curry in Food Stall. [Updated]
  • Added pictures for the first set of statistics in Other. [Updated]
  • Expedition screen: added text, showing the chance to find an artifact. [New]
  • Expeditions: big puzzles gives ~16% more points of progress; limit per puzzle is increased to 4 points (was 3). [Updated]
  • Added a link to this Wiki (About screen). [New]

Patch 14.12 (24 March 2021)

Ship expeditions - random events:

  • Katana, Bomb, Mortar and Tuna. [Removed]
  • Remaining items got ~10% increased drop rate (see Ship). [Adjusted]

Patch 14.13 (8 April 2021)


  • Ship upgrade to level 3 requires 1 Spices instead of 5 (spent spices returned to inventory). [Adjusted]

Patch 14.2 (18 May 2021)

  • Split the Pier into 2 buildings: Pier and Ship (they function the same as before). [Adjusted]
  • Unlocking Prospecting in Ship no longer requires Spices (it now requires Steel). [Adjusted]
  • Spices bad luck correction. [Adjusted]
  • Experience penalty for recent puzzles. [Adjusted]
  • Various improvements and fixes.
  • Added a background picture for character information (above Territory). [New]
  • Reduced the refresh rate for "Paid area, watch ads" in Bourse (now it's 30 minutes). [Adjusted]
  • Added Treasure map pictures for expedition levels and pictures for ship expeditions in Other. [New]

Patch 14.3 (17 June 2021)

  • Settings - new option: Show preview. [New]
  • Settings - new option: Guild sound. [New]
  • Ship can be upgraded to lvl. 4. [New]
  • Quest: Spicy Odyssey. [New]
  • Ability to cancel production in the first 5 minutes (returns all resources). [New]
  • Pier increases storage capacity. [New]
  • Pier is also selectable after the Ship was built. It's showing some basic information and has button to switch to the Ship. You can tap the right side of the Pier (Cabin) to select it, or the left side to select the Ship (when it sails away).
  • Ramen fills 3 expedition points (previously was 2). [Adjusted]
  • Hall of Fame: user names are clickable. [New]

Patch 14.4 (10 July 2021)

  • Puzzle's picture can be set as avatar. Avatar can be set in a context menu of a solved and approved puzzle from Sent by Users category. Avatars are showing in comments, authors top 100 and Hall of Fame. [New]
  • Mosaic number 8. [New]
  • Weapon animation. [New]
  • "Fragment" renamed to "Mosaic (Fragment)" or just "Mosaic" (short form, for instance, in statistics), because there were many questions about it. [Adjusted]
  • Loot (after solving a nonogram and in Cauldron) animation. [New]
  • After choosing Katana, Shuriken, Petard or Bomb in sack menu (when solving a nonogram), this item will be used on every click until the "X" at the bottom is pressed. [Adjusted]

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