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Pearl is an item, which can be only obtained through ship expeditions (random event).


Pearl can be acquired by:

  • Completing ship expeditions.
    • Random event: 1 x Pearl per ship expedition (random drop rate).
      • This also depends on if you own Pirate hat artifact and the length of the ship expedition.


Pearl can be used for:

Pearl can be sold in Shop.
Pearl cannot be thrown into the Cauldron.


It's not recommended to sell Pearls in the Caravan or Shop or Bourse (unless it's the Smuggler's map) or to upgrade the Pagoda. First Pearls should be invested in Fishing (see Ship), buying the Smuggler's map (more Pearls) and then on either upgrading your Caravan or crafting Necklace for Haruka craftifact (depends on what you need more).