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Pier is a building in Territory. By building it, you unlock the ability to build the Ship. The ship plows the sea in search of various resources. Pier can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 1. To build Pier, you are required to have character lvl. 22.

Pier at max level.

Info icon.png You can provide resources partially.

Pier lvl. 1
Resources required Ruby.png x 3
Coin.png x 400
Wood.png x 50
Wooden plank.png x 400
Stone.png x 300
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Ability to build Ship.
Increases storage capacity
by 50% of original size.
Rewarded experience points
at 25% completed Experience.png x 400
at 50% completed Experience.png x 400
at 75% completed Experience.png x 400
at 100% completed Experience.png x 800

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