Pier/Ship at max level.

Pier is a building in Territory. To build Pier you are required to be level 22 in the Guild and have constructed Warehouse level 1. By building it, you unlock the ability to build the Ship. The ship plows the sea in search of various resources. Max level of Pier is 4.

Level Resources required Time to build* Unlocks
Ruby.png Coin.png Wood.png Wooden plank.png Stone.png Steel.png Mortar.png Anchor.png Spices.png
1 3 400 50 400 300 - - - - 24:00:00 Ability to build ship.
2 3 500 - 600 1 60 - - - 48:00:00 Ship
3 6 750 - 800 - 60 1 - - 24:00:00 Increases Cruising Range
4 9 1000 - 1000 - - - 1 5 24:00:00 Increases Cruising Range

*Times are in (hours : minutes : seconds)

Ship[edit | edit source]

Ship Level 1.jpg

(This is a work in progress as information is gathered about how the ship works)

Once the ship is built it can be sent out on an expedition with choices of "Trading", "Exploring", "Fishing", "Prospecting" or "Patrolling", each with their own separate rewards and with their own separate expenses. Expedition types must first be unlocked at a cost. When the ship returns from an expedition it brings the rewards as well as the potential for items collected during the expedition. Completed expeditions provide ship experience (not Guild experience) which goes towards levelling up each of the expedition choices. The max level of Ship is 10. More information will be added as it is uncovered.

3 expeditions are required to increase level from 1 to 2 for an expedition type.

Unlocking Skills[edit | edit source]

Resources Required to Unlock Expedition Types
Skill Resources Required to Unlock
Trading Unlocked with Ship Level 1
Explorer Coin.png 200
Coffee beans.png 30
Treasure map lvl. 1.png 2
Fishing Ruby.png 1
Coin.png 200
Arrows.png 50
Pearl.png 3
Prospecting Ruby.png 1
Coin.png 200
Bomb.png 20
Spices.png 3
Patrolling Ruby.png 1
Coin.png 200
Katana.png 20
Mortar.png 10

Expedition[edit | edit source]

If a ship expedition is successful you will be given either the item promised in the icon (e.g. Coins for trading) or one other similarly valued item. There is also a chance for discovering a random high value item (e.g. Spices, Pearl, Salmon, etc.). If an expedition is unsuccessful you will receive a message like: "Due to insufficient skill, our ship ran aground". You will either be given no items or a lower value item (such as wood or a weapon). Both successful and unsuccessful expeditions will yield experience points that go towards upgrading the particular expedition skill you selected, but the amount you receive from a successful expedition will be greater than the amount received from an unsuccessful one. See the table below (work in progress). At Ship level 10 chances to get resources in "Trading", "Prospecting" and "Patrolling" are 100%. "Fishing" and "Exploring" have always a 'natural' chance to fail. Every 6 hour segment of a expedition there's a chance to get resources (12h = 2 segments, 24h = 4 segments) independent of random events. If all segments fail (i.e. if the ship is empty) , there's a compensation. Failed segments give only 75% of Ship experience. Random events give Pearl, Spices, Anchor, Messages in a bottle (Map fragments lvl.4), fish and weapons. Chances don't depend on ship skill. Only artifacts can increase them. Only 1 event is possible for 24 hours sailing. For 12 hours, chances are divided by 2; for 6 hours by 4. With all related artifacts (level 4 artifacts) unlocked, chance to find something in 24 hours of sailing is 100%. Random event give extra 25% of ship experience (25% of base 6 hours sailing).

Expedition Expenses & Rewards
Expenses Loot for an Successful Expedition

(one of these items)

Loot for an unsuccessful Expedition

(one of these items)

Level 1 Level 2
Trading 2x Coin.png 4x Coin.png Coin.png 1-4 Wood.pngArrows.pngShuriken.png 1-4
Exploring Treasure map fragment lvl. 1.pngCoffee beans.png 1-4 Wood.pngBoomerang.pngFan.pngWooden beam.png 1-4
Fishing Tuna ?
Prospecting Iron sand.png ?
Patrolling Experience.png ?

So far, I have only discovered that one type of item is given as a reward (meaning, I haven't received gold AND wood, only gold OR wood)

Items That Can Be Discovered During Expeditions[edit | edit source]

  • Anchor - cannot be sold. It is a weapon that is similar to the Mortar and Battering Ram, but instead reveals 40% of a puzzle. Required for construction of Ship L3.
  • Pearl - can be sold (10 coins). Required for construction of Pagoda L7. Required for purchase of Smuggler's map chapter 5.
  • Salmon - can be sold (3 coins)
  • Spices - can be sold (8 coins). Required for construction of Ship L3 and Food Stall L1. Required for purchase of Smuggler's map chapter 4
Expeditions No Item Anchor.png Spices.png Salmon.png Pearl.png
6 Hour Expedition 13 7 2 1 1 2
12 Hour Expedition 6 3 1 2
24 Hour Expedition 0

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