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Smithy is a building in Territory. Smithy allows you to craft Shurikens at lvl. 1, Spikes at lvl. 2 and Katanas at lvl. 3. Smithy can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 3. To build Smithy, you are required to have character lvl. 9.

Smithy at max level.

Smithy lvl. 1
Resources required 1 x Ruby.png
240 x Coin.png
120 x Wood.png
120 x Stone.png
20 x Steel.png
Time to build 2h
Unlocks Craft: Shuriken.png
Smithy lvl. 2
Resources required 2 x Ruby.png
280 x Coin.png
140 x Wood.png
140 x Stone.png
40 x Steel.png
Time to build 6h
Unlocks Craft: Spikes.png
Smithy lvl. 3
Resources required 4 x Ruby.png
500 x Coin.png
400 x Wooden beam.png
200 x Stone.png
60 x Steel.png
Time to build 12h
Unlocks Craft: Katana.png


You can reduce crafting time with skill Blacksmith in Character.

Items produced Resources required Time to craft
Blacksmith (skill)
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
4 x Shuriken.png 1 x Steel.png 10m 9m 8m 7m
1 x Spikes.png 1 x Steel.png 5m 4m 30s 4m 3m 30s
1 x Katana.png 2 x Steel.png
1 x Charcoal.png
30m 27m 24m 21m

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