This page is a general guide for editors and contributors of this wiki. These guidelines should be accepted and followed by all editors. None of the pages are protected so everyone can edit. As long as you edit in good faith, you can't do anything wrong. All edits can be reverted.


This wiki is in English. Please write in English to your best extend. Grammar can be corrected later by others and should not be a barrier to entry.

Page formatting

Every page should have at least one or two sentences at the top, which sum up the whole page and at least one picture beside that. Pages for buildings have a table of upgrade costs for every level.


Every word that has a page should be a link. Do not link words to the same page name they're on (example: do not link "Food Stall" on page "Food Stall"). Links are made by highlighting a word then pressing ctrl+K or clicking on the "Link" icon in Visual Editor and selecting the appropriate page.

Level vs. lvl. vs L

For buildings, skills and Treasure map fragments use "lvl.". When referring to guild(not the building)/character level use "level". Also use "character level" instead of "guild level" so it doesn't get confused with Guild (building).

Uppercase and lowercase words

Every word should be written with matching uppercase and lowercase letter as it is written in-game.


Times should be written in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Uploading images for items

When uploading images for items please follow this:

  • .png files
  • size doesn't matter, as long as it's a square (50x50px, 75x75px, 120x120px, etc.)
  • dark brown background (screenshot when in Warehouse section (not the building) - you have to own the item)

If you don't want to edit the screenshot, please upload the whole screenshot instead.

Wanted images for items:

  • Treasure map fragment lvl. 4*
  • Treasure map lvl. 4
  • Cup of Coffee*
  • Curry*
  • Tuna*
  • Ramen*
  • Spices*
  • Smuggler's map*
  • and all the other new items I've missed and are not uploaded yet.

*Some items were cropped from screenshots, which were taken from a different background color and were then "photoshopped" so they have a dark brown. These images are marked with an asterisk.

Uploading solved nonograms

Follow the example on Black-and-White Nonograms#10x10.
Images should be added to the wiki by screenshotting solved nonograms (after you solve a nonogram, exit and then click it again). Images should be cropped so that the black border line of the number bars are also visible. The name of the cropped image should contain "category", "subcategory" and "name_of_the_nonogram" (example: Black-and-White Nonograms, 10x10, Cherries.png). Preferably .png format.
Pages should be edited by inserting a gallery under subcategory title and then add all images in the same order as the app. Caption of the image should be "category", "subcategory", "name_of_the_nonogram" (example: Black-and-White Nonograms, 10x10, Cherries) as this makes the image searchable.

Questions should be directed at Administrators.

Commenting on edits is recommended.

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