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Tailor is a building in Territory. Tailor unlocks after the Bridge is build. Tailor allows to craft Kimono at lvl. 1, Ninja suit at lvl. 2 and Samurai armor at lvl. 3. Tailor can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 3. To build Tailor, you are required to have character lvl. 32.

Tailor lvl. 1
Resources required Ruby.png x 4
Coin.png x 600
Wooden beam.png x 600
Stone.png x 300
Silk.png x 10
Paper.png x 10
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Kimono.png
Tailor lvl. 2
Resources required Ruby.png x 6
Coin.png x 800
Wooden plank.png x 800
Stone.png x 400
Silk.png x 20
Glass.png x 20
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Ninja suit.png


You can't reduce crafting time with any skill.

Items crafted Items required Time to craft
Kimono.png x 1 Silk.png x 1 15m
Ninja suit.png x 1
Samurai armor.png x 1