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This template is used to display images of items and also reduce typing or copying text or code. Images of items can still be written as [[File:...]]. Templates for images of items are mainly used to reduce text in Source Editor and allow faster editing.

Code of the template



To use this template, add {{i|name_of_the_item}} template (some longer names are shortened) on to the page. The "i" in the template is not case sensetive, because it's the first letter in the template. The letters after the first vertical bar ("|") are case sensitive, bacause they are fed into a function as variables (which are case sensitive). The default size of the image is 40 pixels (40x40px), but you can change that by typing {{i|name_of_the_item|size_of_the_image}}. This template also links the image to the page [[name_of_the_item]].


With template Without template Displays
{{I|coin}} [[File:Coin.png|40px|link=Coin]] Coin.png
{{i|coin}} [[File:Coin.png|40px|link=Coin]] Coin.png
{{i|Coin}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{i|COIN}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{I|COIN}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{i}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{i|}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{i|coins}} ? Incorrect syntax.
{{i|coin|60}} [[File:Coin.png|60px|link=Coin]] Coin.png
{{i|coin|}} [[File:Coin.png|link=Coin]] Coin.png
{{i|coin|80px}} [[File:Coin.png|80px|link=Coin]] Coin.png
{{i|coin|hahaha80cantBealiveThisWorks}} [[File:Coin.png|80px|link=Coin]] Coin.png

If you misspell the name of the item or spell it with one or more capital letters, the and result won't show "Incorrect syntax.". It will just be like you haven't written anything (i.e. empty).

Template names for items

Name of the item Syntax without the template Template
Coin [[File:Coin.png|40px|link=Coin]] {{i|coin}}
Ruby [[File:Ruby.png|40px|link=Ruby]] {{i|ruby}}
Gold ingot [[File:Gold ingot.png|40px|link=Gold ingot]] {{i|ingot}}
Treasure [[File:Treasure.png|40px|link=Treasure]] {{i|treasure}}
Fan [[File:Fan.png|40px|link=Fan]] {{i|fan}}
Arrows [[File:Arrows.png|40px|link=Arrows]] {{i|arrows}}
Katana [[File:Katana.png|40px|link=Katana]] {{i|katana}}
Shuriken [[File:Shuriken.png|40px|link=Shuriken]] {{i|shuriken}}
Spikes [[File:Spikes.png|40px|link=Spikes]] {{i|spikes}}
Boomerang [[File:Boomerang.png|40px|link=Boomerang]] {{i|boomerang}}
Petard [[File:Petard.png|40px|link=Petard]] {{i|petard}}
Bomb [[File:Bomb.png|40px|link=Bomb]] {{i|bomb}}
Mortar [[File:Mortar.png|40px|link=Mortar]] {{i|mortar}}
Battering ram [[File:Battering ram.png|40px|link=Battering ram]] {{i|btram}}
Anchor [[File:Anchor.png|40px|link=Anchor]] {{i|anchor}}
Wood [[File:Wood.png|40px|link=Wood]] {{i|wood}}
Wooden beam [[File:Wooden beam.png|40px|link=Wooden beam]] {{i|beam}}
Wooden plank [[File:Wooden plank.png|40px|link=Wooden plank]] {{i|plank}}
Stone [[File:Stone.png|40px|link=Stone]] {{i|stone}}
Steel [[File:Steel.png|40px|link=Steel]] {{i|steel}}
Charcoal [[File:Charcoal.png|40px|link=Charcoal]] {{i|charcoal}}
Gunpowder [[File:Gunpowder.png|40px|link=Gunpowder]] {{i|gunpowder}}
Iron sand [[File:Iron sand.png|40px|link=Iron sand]] {{i|isand}}
Chemicals [[File:Chemicals.png|40px|link=Chemicals]] {{i|chemicals}}
Coffee beans [[File:Coffee beans.png|40px|link=Coffee beans]] {{i|beans}}
Sushi [[File:Sushi.png|40px|link=Sushi]] {{i|sushi}}
Ramen [[File:Ramen.png|40px|link=Ramen]] {{i|ramen}}
Curry [[File:Curry.png|40px|link=Curry]] {{i|curry}}
Cup of coffee [[File:Cup of coffee.png|40px|link=Cup of coffee]] {{i|cup}}
Spices [[File:Spices.png|40px|link=Spices]] {{i|spices}}
Pearl [[File:Pearl.png|40px|link=Pearl]] {{i|pearl}}
Salmon [[File:Salmon.png|40px|link=Salmon]] {{i|salmon}}
Tuna [[File:Tuna.png|40px|link=Tuna]] {{i|tuna}}
Treasure map fragment lvl. 1 [[File:Treasure map fragment lvl. 1.png|40px|link=Treasure map fragment lvl. 1]] {{i|mapf1}}
Treasure map fragment lvl. 2 [[File:Treasure map fragment lvl. 2.png|40px|link=Treasure map fragment lvl. 2]] {{i|mapf2}}
Treasure map fragment lvl. 3 [[File:Treasure map fragment lvl. 3.png|40px|link=Treasure map fragment lvl. 3]] {{i|mapf3}}
Treasure map fragment lvl. 4 [[File:Treasure map fragment lvl. 4.png|40px|link=Treasure map fragment lvl. 4]] {{i|mapf4}}
Treasure map lvl. 1 [[File:Treasure map lvl. 1.png|40px|link=Treasure map lvl. 1]] {{i|map1}}
Treasure map lvl. 2 [[File:Treasure map lvl. 2.png|40px|link=Treasure map lvl. 2]] {{i|map2}}
Treasure map lvl. 3 [[File:Treasure map lvl. 3.png|40px|link=Treasure map lvl. 3]] {{i|map3}}
Treasure map lvl. 4 [[File:Treasure map lvl. 4.png|40px|link=Treasure map lvl. 4]] {{i|map4}}
Smuggler's map Chapter III [[File:Treasure map lvl. 4.png|40px|link=Smuggler's map Chapter III]] {{i|map4}}
Smuggler's map Chapter IV [[File:Treasure map lvl. 4.png|40px|link=Smuggler's map Chapter IV]] {{i|map4}}
Smuggler's map Chapter V [[File:Treasure map lvl. 4.png|40px|link=Smuggler's map Chapter V]] {{i|map4}}
Firework [[File:Firework.png|40px|link=Firework]] {{i|firework}}
Elixir of insight [[File:Elixir of insight.png|40px|link=Elixir of insight]] {{i|elixir}}
Date cake [[File:Date cake.png|40px|link=Date cake]] {{i|cake}}
Honey [[File:Honey.png|40px|link=Honey]] {{i|honey}}
Paper [[File:Paper.png|40px|link=Paper]] {{i|paper}}
Kimono [[File:Kimono.png|40px|link=Kimono]] {{i|kimono}}
Ninja suit [[File:Ninja suit.png|40px|link=Ninja suit]] {{i|ninja}}
Samurai armor [[File:Samurai armor.png|40px|link=Samurai armor]] {{i|samurai}}
Dinar [[File:Dinar.png|40px|link=Dinar]] {{i|dinar}}
Dates [[File:Dates.png|40px|link=Dates]] {{i|dates}}
Silk [[File:Silk.png|40px|link=Silk]] {{i|silk}}
Olive oil [[File:Olive oil.png|40px|link=Olive oil]] {{i|oil}}
Glass [[File:Glass.png|40px|link=Glass]] {{i|glass}}
Experience [[File:Experience.png|40px|link=Levelling#Experience]] {{i|xp}}

Items with marked with this background do not have the same template name as their actual name.

Link to the module

Here you can also find the code of the module.