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Here are the buildings you can build. Every building has it's max level. You can't level buildings higher than your Guild (building) (Pagoda does not follow this rule). For example, if you want to level up your Alchemist's Hut to lvl. 2, you would need to upgrade your Guild (building) to lvl. 2 first. Buildings require resources like Coins, Wood, Stone etc. to be build or upgraded. All buildings require a minimal level of your character for the first level, but Pagoda requires a minimal level for all upgrades.

Not clickable buildings. Territory with every building upgraded to its max level (Version 14.3).

Building Max Level Character level requirements Capabilities
Guild 5 None Unlocks expeditions at lvl. 2. Unlocks Office at lvl. 3.

Unlocks ability to build higher level buildings.

Gong 1 10 Unlocks Hall of Fame.
Warehouse 7 05 Unlocks Bourse at lvl. 1. Increase storage capacity for items with each level.
Shop 3 03 Makes buying and selling items available. Increases amount you can buy or sell per cycle with each level.
Alchemist's Hut 5 06 Unlocks Cauldron at lvl. 2.

Unlocks crafting Charcoal at lvl. 1, Gunpowder at lvl. 3, Petard at lvl. 4 and Bomb at lvl. 5.

Coffee Bonsai 2 21 Unlocks passive income of Coffee beans (1x at lvl. 1, 2x at lvl. 2).
Onsen 2 20 Increases daily rewards at lvl. 1.

Unlocks passive income of Chemicals at lvl. 2.

Workshop 5 02 Unlocks crafting Fan at lvl. 1, Arrows at lvl. 2, Boomerang at lvl. 3, Mortar at lvl. 4 and Battering ram at lvl. 5.
Smithy 3 09 Unlocks crafting Shurikens at lvl. 1, Spikes at lvl. 2 and Katanas at lvl. 3.
Furnace 3 08 Unlocks crafting Steel at lvl. 1 and Gold ingots at lvl. 3.
Pagoda 7 04 Unlocks Charity. Gives 1 extra hint and 25% extra Charity experience points with each level.
Food Stall 2 24 Unlocks crafting Sushi, Ramen, Curry at lvl. 1 and Cup of coffee at lvl. 2.
Lumber Mill 3 11 Unlocks crafting Wooden beams at lvl. 1 and Wooden planks at lvl. 3.
Garden 3 12 Unlocks passive income of Wood.
Rock Garden 3 13 Unlocks passive income of Stone.
Pier 1 22 Unlocks the ability to build the Ship and increases storage capacity.
Ship 4 22 Unlocks the ability to go on ship expeditions. Increases the range of Ship at lvl. 2 and 3. Unlocks Spicy Odyssey at lvl. 4.

Note: You can cancel production (not construction) in the first 5 minutes of starting it. This can also be done in Office. Production can't be canceled if there is no space in warehouse for the items invested.

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