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This page is meant to sum every information that is still missing on this wiki. It's more practical than looking through all the pages. If you have any suggestions for improving this wiki and you can't provide it yourself, you can add it here.

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Images (when the items is owned), descriptions (what do they do, where they can acquired and used), storage capacity, function (if it has one) and if they can be used in Shop, Bourse or Cauldron for the new items:

  • Firework
  • Elixir of insight
  • Date cake
  • Honey
  • Paper
  • Kimono
  • Ninja suit
  • Samurai armor
  • Dinar
  • Dates
  • Silk
  • Olive oil
  • Glass
  • and any other new (after patch 15.0) items, which are not listed here.


  • Image of all owned craftifacts.
  • Images of individual craftifacts.
  • When does the first and second craftifact unlock?


Image of the completed Territory.


  • Required items for lvl. 3.
  • Required items and how much time it takes to craft Ninja suit and Samurai armor.


  • How much Dinars is each item worth (buy and sell).
  • How long does it take to reach each city (with and without Cameleer skill).
  • How does bad weather (closed cities) work.
  • Chances of a robbery for each city.

Alchemist's Hut

  • Required items and time for crafting Firework and Elixir of insight.
  • Image of the Alchemist's Hut lvl. 6.


Does Pagoda require new items for upgrading? (It did when v14.0 came out.)


  • Cameleer skill (when does lvl. 1 and lvl. 2 unlock).


  • Some items need to checked if they are included in the Loot section.

Tips for Adventurers Guild

This page needs to be updated when all the new things are understood/unlocked.


  • Ship loot for successful and unsuccessful ship expeditions is not yet complete (especially for Prospection and Patrolling).
  • Expedition levelling table needs to be completed.
  • You can also add your own statistics for ship expeditions at the bottom of the page.


You can add your own statistics for rewards after completing an expedition.


You can add your own statistics for rewards after each throw.


If anyone has every achievement, please upload screenshots.

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