Nonograms Katana Wiki

Happy new year to everyone!

At around 11:30 on 2 January 2021 a wiki was created, called Nonograms Katana Wiki. This wiki was created with the purpose to help/inform what the Guild is and how it works. The wiki only had a couple of pages - buildings and tabs (Territory, Mosaic, etc.) mostly. I could only fill in the information I had/found (which was not a lot). To help spread the word I have made a post on the Nonograms Katana unofficial subreddit. The reception was positive. Jean-Rémy quickly joined, added a bunch of information and created the Levelling and Items page. These were the beginnings of this wiki (at least as much as I remember).

This is how the main page looked like soon after it was created.


The Analytics Dashboard is a feature available on all Fandom and Gamepedia wikis that provides web analytics information. The Analytics Dashboard is accessible only to administrators. On the top of the page it says: "Information on this page is shared as a courtesy for our administrators and should not be re-shared without permission". This means that I can't share any screenshots or any specific numbers, but I can share some of the more general information. Here are the most interesting ones:

Number of all page views (for 30 days):
This number was usually around 30,000 total page views (1,000 page views per day). One month before the 15.0 patch, it dropped to ~20,000 one month. After that patch it jumped to ~40,000 and now it's slowly dropping.

Internal top search terms
Before v14.3 (Ship lvl. 4 was added) there was a huge difference between the first search term and the rest - the first was Spices (or spice). Then it the difference slowly faded and the search terms seemed linear. Now "Kimono" is the top search term and Spices are second.

This internal search is... "not that good". When a search term is entered, it searches for that word on every page. Then it sorts the pages that contain that words by popularity. Which is not always optimal. I remember searching for "Spices". I expected that the first page would be the "Items" page, but the first result was the "Ship" page, because it was more popular. It's hard to make a great search engine.

Here are listed countries with the most to the fewest page views (only 10 countries are displayed). Interestingly, the US has almost twice as much page views as Germany.

  • US
  • Germany
  • Slovenia (we are the 3rd :D)
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • France
  • Ukraine
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • UK

Top viewed pages
Similary to the Geolocation, this also follows a log function graph (not an exponential graph and not a linear graph, but something in between).

  • Nonograms Katana Wiki (main page)
  • Items
  • Caravan
  • Tips for Adventurers Guild
  • Territory
  • Ship
  • Tailor
  • Expedition
  • Outpost

Desktop vs. Mobile Sessions

  • ~70% mobile users.
  • ~25% desktop users.
  • ~5% tablet users.

This is why we try to optimize for mobile users. It used to be ~75% mobile users, but I think that Fandom on mobile does not quite provide the whole experience, yet. You still can't comment on articles on mobile and some other things (especially editing).

New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors
This graph was 50/50 in the starting months of this wiki, but it slowly got to 100% "returning visitors". As far as I know, a "new visitor" is a person, who visited a page on this wiki for the first time. This does not necessarily mean that there are no new players visiting this wiki, but that they have done it before. This number reacted a peak of ~180 users, while I was checking it (I don't check this number every day).

You can read more about the Analytics dashboard on this help page.

Wrong information

This wiki might contain some wrong information. This can be due typos or tests being wrongly performed or what ever. While it's a good idea to take a screenshot, sometimes you just forget. Wrong information might not necessarily be bad. Example: On Territory page I have put that when a building is being build (from lvl. 0 to lvl. 1) 6 barrels are added. Later Alartor corrected me with a full explanation of how barrels, logs and axes are added at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. There is also an example of where the error didn't get noticed for a long time. Like that time a cost for a skill was 700 Coins, but was actually 800 Coins. That's why I think that, if you are not sure if something is true or not, to put a "maybe" or "perhaps" on the page. Hopefully someone will notice it and thought: "I don't think that's how it works" and try to prove it wrong - well that's at least how I image it. It's important to be critical.

PS: I have removed "Back to ..." on every page. I have put in on every page before I have discovered how "top navigation" works.