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This blog post is not meant to devide the good people of this comunity into two groups or to put labels on them. It is meant to define two different playstyles and agree on the terms for them.

I am writing this blog post because of a problem I've been running into recently trying to update the Tips for Adventurers Guild (although I have noticed it much sooner). The order of building buildings might be a little different (to maximize efficiency) depending where you get the most resources from - solving nonograms or passive income. This blog is mostly aimed at completing the Territory as fast and efficient as possible for each playstyle.

Passive player

A passive player is a person, who spends up to around 30 minutes a day solving nonograms and gets most of the items from buildings that give passive income and increase rewards for daily quests. This kind of player would prefer/prioritize to build buildings that increase passive income and rewards for daily quests like Guild (building), Garden, Coffee Bonsai, etc.

Active player

An active player is a person, who spends hours a day solving nonograms and gets most of the items from the completion of solving nonograms - Loot. This kind of player would prefer/prioritize buildings, which give access to exclusive items acquirable only by that building, like Ship and Caravan.


While an active player still would want to build passive income buildings at some point, it wouldn't be time efficient to build them early on. This might not be true for building the Ship, because it costs so little to send, but it still requires a lot of resources to build (building a Lumber Mill, Pier and then Ship); but it is very true for building the Caravan. A passive player might not have a lot of duplicate artifacts, Gold ingots and Treasures just waiting in the warehouse to trade in the Caravan, but an active player has. For an active player, getting value from said items is hard when everything (important) is maxed out; so converting them to Caravan exclusive items makes sense. It wouldn't make sense for a passive player to build the Caravan, before building the Outpost (to reduce the chances of robbery and to get some Dinars) and acquiring some items to trade in the Caravan. A passive player might also lose "more" by being robbed, because they don't have a lot of items; so building the Outpost and crafting the Guild banner as early as possible is very important.

Essential buildings

Both kind of players should still build the essential buildings: Shop, Warehouse (Bourse) and Alchemist's Hut lvl. 2 (Cauldron). I think these buildings are the most basic and essential buildings, because they unlock key features in the Adventurers Guild. The Shop features enables to purchase Chemicals, which are important for building the Alchemist's Hut lvl. 2, while also enabling items like Gold ingots, Treasures and duplicate artifacts to be sold. The Bourse feature enables an income of Coffee beans - ads (very useful for both kinds of players, especially for the passive player), while also enabling some very useful trades (Cofee beans -> Ruby, Stone <-> Wood, Salmon -> Stone, Salmon -> Wood). The Cauldron feature is probably the most useful feature of them all, because it enables the conversion of weapons to something useful (or at least more useful).

Build order

Here is a list of all buildings and their imporatance to the completion of the Territory. The list is favored towards to active player, but still relevant to the passive player.

Essential buildings:

  • Shop,
  • Warehouse (Bourse) and
  • Alchmist's Hut lvl. 2 (Cauldron).

Most important buildings:

  • Ship and
  • Caravan.

In order to even build Ship and Caravan, there are also some other buildings, which are needed to be build first:

There are also some buildings, which are needed in order to complete other buildings (beside the mentioned above):

  • Furnace lvl. 2 (Steel is needed for much more buildings now and much more of it),
  • Guild (building) (needed for building other buildings to the same level),
  • Workshop lvl. 4 (Mortar for Outpost lvl. 2) and
  • Tailor (Samurai armor for Outpost lvl. 3).

There are also some other buildings, which are important for completion of some quests, but are not important for completing other buildings:

  • Food Stall (Ramen and Curry for Shogun's Katana questline),
  • Guild (build the Guild quest) - mentioned above and
  • Pagoda (build the Pagoda quest).

Buildings with passive income (more relevant for the passive player):

  • Guild (increases rewards from daily quests) - mentioned above,
  • Coffee Bonsai (passive income of Coffee beans),
  • Onsen (increases rewards from daily quests and provides a passive income of Chemicals - can be thrown into the Cauldron),
  • Garden (passive income of Wood),
  • Rock Garden (passive income of Stone) and
  • Outpost (passive income of Dinars).

Buildings, which are completely useless in the sense of completing the Territory (beside building them to build all buildings of course) and can be build in any order, after building the buildings mentioned above:

  • Gong (building),
  • Warehouse levels from 2 to 7 (only needed for when more storage capacity is needed),
  • Alchmist's Hut levels from 3 to 6 (only builds weapons),
  • Workshop (only builds weapons, but you need it lvl. 4, because you don't get enough Mortars otherwise),
  • Smithy (only builds weapons) and
  • Furnace lvl. 3 (only useful for storing Gold ingot or donating them to Charity in Pagoda).

This list is a little opinionated and is open for discussion.

I am a passive player

I do not solve many nonograms a day. I usually solve them in the morning, while eating my breakfast, which takes me about half an hour (I am a slow eater, don't judge me). I spend most of my free time improving this wiki. Because I am not an active player, I might not be able to make a good list for upgrading buildings in the optimal order for an active player. My assumption on how fast items are acquired by an active player might be wrong.

Final thoughts

I think it would be a good idea to split the building list section on the "Tips for Adventurers Guild" page into two sections: one for acctive players and one for passive players. The gap between active and passive players was really widen with the introduction of the Caravan. When I completed the construction of the Caravan last month, I was really excited to "trade with the world" and get some of that new Caravan exclusive loot, but then I looked at my inventory and thought: "Oh,... that was a waste." I had nothing to trade for. :/ Now that I have finally built the Outpost lvl. 1 (yesterday) and accumulated some of Gold ingots, Treasures and Tunas, I can finally get some Paper. My Caravan was just sitting there for about a month now and mocking me with that camel "parked" outside. I think that overall, this was a good lesson to learn, which I can take and write about it, so others don't have to go through the same thing.

I am going to need some help with writing a building list for active players. Thank you in advance.