Nonograms Katana Wiki

Welcome people of the internet to my first blog post!

When I finally figured out what picture will be shown in the background of this wiki, I started making drafts. I knew it was going to something with a katana on the right and I also wanted that number bars will be shown on the top and left side (so it feels like the website is a big nonogram). That would be what you could see of the background (if you had a wide screen), but what would be in the middle? "Nonograms Katana Wiki" text of course, but what else? Items! That would be cool. This was the draft I made in Word:

Background for the wiki - first draft.

Pretty cool, huh? Now let's make a nonogram out of it. Put it in the background of the nonogram maker and go. This is where I got stuck.

Stuck on items.

Items in low resolution don't look great. :/

So, let's try something else. What if I put only one item in the background, but which? Coin! Everyone knows good old Coin icon. Maybe shift the katana a little. This is what my second draft looked like when I made it in Word:

Second draft with Coin.

Need to see how it looks in black-and-white, I don't want that the background is screaming at people - it's only a background, a calm and peaceful background. But wait, that wouldn't look great in the background, the middle part would be hidden. But it would be great for a logo though. Although we already have a logo, but why settle for average when you can have great. So put the draft in the background of the nonogram maker and started working, one box at a time. Katana was not that hard to make from the background image. The pixel circle generator (meant for Minecraft) was a great help. The dragon's head was tricky, took me quite a long time to get it right. The dragon's head isn't perfect, but it's good enough to move to the next step - text. Here is a picture of the nonogram before the text implementation:

Logo - without text.

Now the text:

Final result.

Although it looks great, "Solver Matsumoto" can't solve it, which means I can't upload it to Sent by Users. It would be a shame to not upload it after hours of work. So I decided to make some iterations:


Version 2.

Version 3.

Version 4.

The last version was accepted as a unique solution with Trial-and-error method (yellow dot). I was satisfied with that, so I published it. You can find it under 80x80, Black-and-white, author: NotCrossblade, "link": [#121687:Nonograms Katana Wiki new logo]. It's still in Not yet approved file.

Later I discovered the "Invert" button, which changes all the black cells to white ones and the white ones to black ones. Would have saved me a lot of time if I discovered it sooner.

Inverted version.

Expect a poll to decide which one is the best.

Now we still need a background. The main idea is still the same, but maybe without anything fancy (items). This image took way less time, but I am really proud of it.

Background image.

While I really like the background it has one problem: it doesn't work on different screen sizes. It is supposed to fill the entire screen no matter the size, but it doesn't. I was searching the web for hours for a solution, but I couldn't get it to work, unless I am doing something wrong. I asked some smart people for help so I am expecting a solution, so this shouldn't be a problem in the future.

I am planning to change the header/buttons/links/toolbar/main colors from blue to better fit the background and theme of this wiki. I am think light brown.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the logo or background?