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Which item in Bourse is better to watch ads for? Treasure map fragment lvl. 1, Coffee beans or Katana? From someone who watches a lot of ads this question is very important. While these resources are "free", you don't want to be spending them inefficiently. With the introduction of Katana as the third option the calculation became longer. The short version is at the bottom.

Firstly I needed to decide how many ads to take into account (as in how many ads do I watch). I decided to go with 35 so I have 70 Treasure map fragments lvl. 1, which can be crafted into exactly 7 Treasure maps lvl. 1 and 175 Katanas which can be thrown into the Cauldron exactly 25 times. I tried to convert everything to Coin, for a clearer picture.

Treasure map fragment lvl. 1

You get 2 fragments with each ad, so 35 x 2 = 70. With 70 Treasure map fragments lvl. 1 I can craft 7 Treasure maps lvl. 1. After each expedition you get rewards. I have based the following calculations on 41 lvl. 1 expeditions, 11 lvl. 2 expeditions and 4 lvl. 3 expeditions. Some numbers were rounded to the next whole number.

7 x lvl. 1 expedition rewards

Wood 115 Wood
Stone 45 Stone
Gold ingot 3 75 Coins
Treasure 2 100 Coins
Coffee beans 30 90 Coins
Treasure map fragment lvl. 2 34 see table below
Artifacts 4 200 Coins

When you complete those 7 expeditions you get ~34 Treasure map fragments lvl. 2, which can be converted into 1,7 Treasure maps lvl. 2. So I multiplied 1,7 and the average amount you get from lvl. 2 expeditions.

34/20 = 1,7 x lvl. 2 expedition rewards

Wood 43 Wood
Stone 19 Stone
Treasure 0,6 30 Coins
Coffee beans 17 51 Coins
Treasure map fragment lvl. 3 13 see table below
Artifacts 1 60 Coins

Apparently you don't get Gold ingots.

13/30 = 0,43 x lvl. 3 expedition rewards

Wood 16 Wood
Stone 11 Stone
Treasure 0,65 33 Coins
Coffee beans 9 27 Coins
Artifacts 0,26 18 Coins

Let's sum those:

Treasure map fragment lvl. 1
Wood 174
Stone 75
Coins 684

This is quite a sum of resources, if you are willing to grind.

Coffee beans

Now let's look at Coffee beans. With every ad you get 2 Coffee beans, which makes 70 in total. The math is pretty simple, since they can just be sold in Shop for 3 Coins each.

70 Coffee beans = 210 Coins


You get 5 Katanas with every ad, which makes it 175 Katanas in total. Katanas can be thrown into the Cauldron. The table below was based on 73 throws. Some numbers were rounded to the next whole number.

Wood 15
Stone 17
Steel 19
Charcoal 18
Gunpowder 16
Iron sand 21
Chemicals 19
Gold ingot 4

You get all these items and 100 Coins from Gold ingots.


Treasure map fragment lvl. 1 is the clear winner, but who has the time to grind for that, haha. Which makes the question, what is better: Coffee beans or Katanas? While you do get more raw Coins from selling Coffee beans, you get more value from Katanas. Coffee beans also have a bonus factor: you can trade them for Rubies. Coffee beans: If you would buy Wood or Stone at Shop with that 210 Coins from Coffee beans you would get either 35 Wood OR 26 Stone. Katanas: But if you would want just Wood, you could trade that 17 Stone for Wood at Bourse and buy Wood for 100 Coins you got from selling Gold ingots you would get about 41 Wood. If you would do the same for Stone, you would get about 36 Stone. In both cases (Wood and Stone) you get more, if you choose Katanas.

Treasure map fragment lvl. 1: Best overall. Drawback: grinding expeditions.

Coffee beans: Good for acquiring raw Coins and Rubies.

Katanas: Good for acquiring material (like Wood and Stone).

As you can see, every option has its positives and negatives, so choose wisely. Which item are you watching ads for? Which item will you after reading this blog? Tell me in the comments below.