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Workshop is a building in Territory. Workshop allows you to craft Fan at lvl. 1, Arrows at lvl. 2, Boomerang at lvl. 3, Mortar at lvl. 4 and Battering ram at lvl. 5. Workshop can be upgraded to maximum lvl. 5. To build Workshop, you are required to have character lvl. 2.

Workshop at max level.

Workshop lvl. 1
Resources required 1 x Ruby.png
20 x Coin.png
10 x Wood.png
10 x Stone.png
Time to build 10m
Unlocks Craft: Fan.png
Workshop lvl. 2
Resources required 2 x Ruby.png
80 x Coin.png
40 x Wood.png
40 x Stone.png
Time to build 6h
Unlocks Craft: Arrows.png
Workshop lvl. 3
Resources required 3 x Ruby.png
160 x Coin.png
160 x Wooden beam.png
80 x Stone.png
Time to build 12h
Unlocks Craft: Boomerang.png
Workshop lvl. 4
Resources required 4 x Ruby.png
500 x Coin.png
500 x Wooden beam.png
250 x Stone.png
20 x Steel.png
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Mortar.png
Workshop lvl. 5
Resources required 5 x Ruby.png
1000 x Coin.png
600 x Wooden beam.png
300 x Stone.png
40 x Steel.png
Time to build 24h
Unlocks Craft: Battering ram.png


You can reduce crafting time with Mechanic in Character > Skills.

Items produced Resources required Time to craft
Mechanic (skill)
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
3 x Fan.png 1 x Wood.png 10m 9m 8m 7m
2 x Arrows.png 1 x Wood.png 10m 9m 8m 7m
1 x Boomerang.png 1 x Wooden beam.png 6m 5m 24s 4m 48s 4m 12s
1 x Mortar.png 2 x Wooden beam.png
2 x Gunpowder.png
6 x Steel.png
1h 54m 48m 42m
1 x Battering ram.png 20 x Wooden beam.png
4 x Steel.png
3h 2h 42m 2h 24m 2h 6m

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